1. SIGN UP / 온라인카지노리스트 WELCOME BONUS

This is possibly the most common casino bonus on online platforms. This bonus is offered to new players when they register with the casino platform. Usually, it amounts to $100 on average but cannot be withdrawn before wagering a few times. In some cases, the welcome bonus can be a combination of free spins and a deposit bonus, or it can take any other form of bonus.

As mentioned above, $100 is the average size of a signup bonus, although some platforms will often list a higher sum. In these cases, pay attention to the fine print as such deals are usually broken down into $100 worth of bonus per month. Such a bonus is better referred to as a percentage bonus. Normally, the percentage bonus is a fraction of the deposit, ranging from 50% to 500%. When the percentage is 100%, it is referred to as a match bonus.

A percentage bonus can be viewed in this perspective: if the casino offers a match bonus, then for every dollar that you deposit, you earn a dollar in bonus. If the percentage bonus is 50%, you earn 50 cents in bonus for every dollar you deposit. If the percentage is 200%, you’ll earn two bucks in bonus upon depositing one dollar.


A deposit bonus can be in the form of a signup bonus, where you earn a bonus upon registering and making your initial deposit. It can also appear as a promotional campaign in the future where you earn a 온라인카지노리스트 목록 bonus whenever you recharge your account. Just like the welcome bonus, you cannot withdraw the bonus immediately after earning it. You need to wager the bonus a few times before it can be withdrawn.


If you are not yet ready to stake actual money, you should be looking for this kind of online casino bonus. A no deposit bonus is the opposite of a deposit bonus. It is a bonus that you earn without depositing any money. The bonus is usually in the form of free spins, or a few bucks, typically $10, that you can use to jumpstart your casino betting.

Just like many other bonuses, this one is tied to certain conditions before you can withdraw. The most obvious is that you have to wager the free dollars several times before you can withdraw. Ensure you also get clear with the fine print before accepting the terms.


If you are a top player in a given online casino, you are very likely to qualify for a loyalty program. It is sometimes referred to as VIP bonuses for a reason. Normally, depending on how much you bet and how long you’ve been a registered member, you may qualify for the loyalty program. Qualification is not guaranteed, and that’s why this bonus is the rarest but still the most rewarding.

Due to the persistence and perseverance required to earn these bonuses, they may take several forms. A loyalty bonus may be awarded in the form of loyalty points, exclusive competition, free holidays, or even shorter cash out time. The loyalty points may be used to purchase from e-shops. Don’t be surprised when the loyalty program awards you a bonus in the form of an increased withdrawal limit or lower wagering requirements- everything is spelled out in the fine print.


This type of bonus awards the member free spins instead of free casino money. It is specially employed in slot games, mostly in new or similar slot machines. The winnings you make from free spins can be withdrawn but only after meeting the wagering requirement. Typically, you need to wager 온라인카지노리스트 검증 around 10 times before you can withdraw your winnings. Luckily, there aren’t as many requirements on free spins as there are on other bonuses.

In most cases, free spins are awarded to new players, although existing members do 온라인카지노리스트 추천 get them occasionally, after maybe making a new deposit or attaining the VIP status.


This is like the reward that a player gets for staying loyal to the casino. A reload bonus may be offered at specific time intervals, a week, a month, or a random period. The distinguishing aspect from a deposit bonus is the low magnitude of the reloads bonus, which hardly exceeds 100%.

Since the reload bonus is awarded as a small percentage of the deposit, the wagering requirements also tend to be low. The main objective of this bonus is to keep the loyal members motivated. Online casinos will often market these bonuses via email.


Every day is not a winning day. Sometimes a player may be on a losing streak, and that must be discouraging. To help losing players remain afloat, a cashback bonus may be awarded to cover a part of the lost money.

A cashback bonus is usually in the form of a bonus credit that enables the player to keep playing without recharging the betting account. If the player exhausts the bonus, it’s game over until he/she makes a new deposit.

Although cashback bonuses provide some cushioning against losses, the bonus is usually a fraction of the lost stake. The bonus is also not guaranteed and only covers a small portion of the loss.


Do you love making huge deposits (taking big risks)? Then you may be surprised with a high roller bonus. This bonus is for players who love the thrill of 온라인카지노리스트 모음 playing big. If you plan on making deposits upwards of one grand, you will earn a significant high roller bonus if the casino offers one. This bonus is offered as a percentage of the deposit.

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Referral bonuses work in the same manner as any other referral program- you earn a commission if a new member joins the casino through your 온라인카지노리스트 공유 referral link. However, the bonus is not available in all online casinos and is also tied to the condition that the friend you referred makes their first deposit.


Just as you would go out and treat yourself in a restaurant or resort, it would be better if you considered online casino games as a similar source of entertainment.


Do not think of playing the games as a source of income. Set up your mind that you could lose, and this should take up more than 50% of your expectations. This way, you’ll not be disappointed.