After a brief respite 검증된 가상축구패턴 during the NBA Finals and World Cup Finals, we can return our attention to the NFL. Perhaps you’ve never stopped reading about the league if you play soccer online. The NFL has turned football into a year-round activity by holding events throughout the year, such as the NFL Draft, the OTAs, the mini-camps, training camp, the summertime, the postseason, the semifinals, the Stanley Cup, the Pro Bowl, and the beginning of the season once again.

As you become more familiar with the 2009 season of virtual soccer, you will begin to acquire views about various players. You will rank the players from best to worst depending on their position and the draft value. The most you can do is trust your gut and hope that a player improves or that another guy regresses rapidly rosisoccer.

When deciding between two players of equal value, you may consider their strength of schedule, bye week, or “virtual playoff schedule.” You should avoid doing something that is becoming increasingly prevalent, whether you trust your instinct or use a matrix to determine a player’s skill.

What I’m referring to is making fun of the decisions made by other gamers. If you don’t think something is a good idea, that doesn’t make you right.

 I could 실시간 가상축구패턴 go on, but I think you get the point.

Do not mock someone for trying something new if you cannot predict its success. I get that yelling at other players is a big part of the game, but doing so only to show off your expertise in virtual soccer isn’t cool. It’s important to me that you don’t cross that threshold.

Another annoying behavior I’d like to see less of is the use of celebrity names. Some “virtual owners” have been known to publicly identify free agents only to gauge reaction. The owner’s next action will depend on the respondent’s demeanor. Another issue arises if you have to wait your turn and nobody else’s.

The worst feeling in the world is hearing the name of the player you want in the second or third round and realizing that someone else has already named him. It’s frustrating when somebody else selects your target player instead of you, as nobody knows for sure whether or not he would have been available to you.

If the same owner keeps doing this year after year, I have no problem with instituting a policy that states, “If you name someone, you get to pick him if he is still available bet365 가상축구패턴 when it is your turn,” or with getting rid of that owner altogether. You want to have fun discussing players, but you also don’t want to offend anyone.

Finally, keep a close eye on the selection process. Once or twice picking a drafted player is to be expected, but when the league repeatedly tells you “he’s taken,” it becomes aggravating. Don’t forget to jot down the selections. Mark off the names of the players when they are selected. Taking these steps will make for a far more successful online soccer draft.

rules for the virtual soccer draft day

To prepare you for my upcoming virtual soccer drafts, I thought it would be helpful to detail some of the guidelines I use. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I and many other virtual soccer lovers eagerly anticipate the draft day. To guarantee a successful draft, adhere to these five guidelines.

So, get 가상축구패턴 분석 set.

This may appear to be a minor guideline on draft day, but it is crucial. It’s crucial to have a solid plan for who you want to select in the first three rounds. Your team’s structure will take shape during this time. Having a target list of high-value players to pursue after the tenth round is also crucial.

Most players will have rankings printed out from one or two websites, or they may have picked up an online soccer magazine en route to the draft. To get a head start, you should calculate the average rank of a few sites and then use the discrepancies in ranks to your advantage.

If the “Experts” don’t all agree on something, you’ll be able to tell by the disparity. I also frequently check Yahoo and other hosting sites’ ranks. Some guys will always be strict adherents to the ranks. If you want to win the draft, you need to use these men to your advantage.

There is no longer any bearing on the RB/RB Rule.

Taking two RBs in the first two rounds is no longer mandatory. Football has evolved from a single-back assault to a multi-back attack during the previous few years. This is why I value so highly the first three running backs on my list, as they will receive the most of their teams’ carries. Don’t be scared to draft a quarterback or wide receiver if you don’t get a pick in the top five or six. Instead of using that “foundation” choice on a running back who would see a decrease in carries, it would be better to invest in a sure thing.

Practice 가상축구패턴 자료 adaptability

States that you must have ranked lists as well as lists of sleepers and value picks available for your draft. Also, be adaptable so that you don’t pass up a golden opportunity just because the draft isn’t going as planned.

Sometimes a rush on running backs in the middle of the draft or an early selection of a sleeper pick put you off your game. My recommendation is to accept the fact that you have no say over the other managers and that one of them is bound to make a boneheaded decision that surprises the other  shareholders at some point.

Wait till the final two rounds are over before taking a kicker.

Despite many publications pointing this out throughout the years, coaches continue to select kickers in the later rounds. There isn’t much of a gap between the top kickers and the rest of the pack even though they are an essential element of your squad. What’s worse is that a kicker who excels one year may fail miserably the next. I’d rather acquire depth-player wideouts and backs early in the draft to flip for bate later in the year.

getting involved in the virtual soccer game

Do not stress 가상축구패턴 정보 over the business of trade

While this information isn’t crucial during the draft, it is essential knowledge for any virtual soccer player. One of the most entertaining aspects of playing soccer on a computer is swapping out players. Striking a bargain with another person and seeing who comes out on top is a lot of fun.

Due to concerns about being taken advantage of, some general managers avoid making trades, which results in their club not improving. I’ve been the champion three times in my online soccer league, which I’ve been organizing for ten years. I analyzed my past winning teams and found that making one or two trades was often the deciding factor in the outcome.