1) Is this online casino legal? Think about the place where you are. The online casino you are thinking of playing on might be legal in other countries but in the place where you might be, it could be restricted.

2) Does this online casino offer fair games? Do your research first. Does this online casino have a gaming license in one or two jurisdictions in the world? Is it affiliated with known third party regulators that regularly audit its operations? Also, look into player forums and see what online casinos they recommend for playing.

3) Is my money safe at this online casino? Again, do your research. Does this site offer several options for money transfer and processing methods? How long do they transfer or withdraw your money back to you when you have decided to stop playing? Also look into player forums for rogue online sites 먹튀폴리스 보증업체 that give their players a hard time in withdrawing their money 먹튀폴리스.

4) What online casino should I play in? If you are fond of live dealer table games, find an online casino that’s well known for its excellent live tables that don’t have technical glitches so often. If you like slot machines, find an online casino that has hundreds of selections of machines to choose from. Also, do your research about the reputation of online casinos you’re interested in.

5) How many online casinos should I play in? If you’re a player who is a feeler, meaning you play in an online casino where you feel lucky for the day, then by all means, play in the site. But don’t leave out all the other sites that are equally reputable but you’re not just lucky for the day. Play on them too on other days.

finding gооd slot аnd casino gaming sites on thе internet

6) Do online casinos work with Apple Macs? Basically to play on online casinos with your Mac, you need to download browsers like Firefox, Google 먹튀폴리스 토토추천 Chrome and Opera Mini to be able to access these sites.

7) Do I need to download anything? There are two types of online casinos – web based and downloadable casinos. For web based casinos, for Android, you need browser plug ins like Macromedia Shockwave, Macromedia Flash or Java to access the website and play. For Apple devices, you need to download browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera Mini to be able to start play. Meanwhile, downloadable casinos needs apps to download for you to be able to play on them.

8) What are online casino bonuses? Be aware of them because they are extra perks. Most online casinos offer a match (charged on them) on your first, second or even third deposit with their site. It’s their way of showing gratitude for patronizing them.

9) What are comp points? They are points that you earn for every wager that you make on a slot machine or a gaming table in an online casino. Usually, the higher your bet, the bigger will be the your accumulated comp points. You can claim your comp points and use them for free slot spins, 먹튀폴리스 주소 tickets for a special event or even for payback money if an online casino has a program for it.

10) Can I play online casino games on handheld devices? Definitely you can. Most online casinos are designed for play on smart phones and tablets because they know they could capture a bigger market with this technical capability. Most online casinos require an app download which allows the player owning the handheld device to play on that online casino, anytime and anywhere. Of course, with a reliable internet connection.


These are tips, but they are not guarantees that you are going to win, but follow them regularly and you will trend towards winning ways.

1) Play only in the most renowned online casinos and the ones with the best reviews. See if there is a pattern of positive and negative comments and follow these threads. Check out their payout percentage and also their payout speed. Also check if their games are compatible with your available devices and your internet connection speed.

2) Find games with a low house edge. Take the time to discover the casino games which offer the lowest house edge per wager. House edge is defined as the measure of how much the casino pays in connection to what true odds would pay you.

3) Don’t chase your losses. Sometimes, when you play in an online casino, your game starts badly, and then you find yourself in a downward spiral. It’s 먹튀폴리스 카지노추천 important to remind yourself that this happens regularly when you’re a gambler.

Don’t lose your wits when this happens. It would be worst when you lose control of your bets. Don’t attempt to retrieve your losses back quickly through much bigger wagers which will will counter attack on you. Your bets will be very risky especially if the house edge works against you.

In poker, the term for this is Tilt wherein the other players take notice and take advantage of the sudden weakness in attitude that you’re showing.

Accept that you’re in a losing streak, stop playing, and wait for a better day that’s more lucky for you. Refuse the temptation to add to your bankroll.

4) Collect bonuses that work for you. Don’t miss out on the freebies that online casinos can offer for you. Competition among online casinos is stiff so they offer these bonuses as incentives for you to keep playing with them. There are a lot of variants of bonuses and deals that can work for you. But don’t chase the ones that you know you won’t qualify to collect no matter what you do. These bonuses are :

A) Sign up bonus. A welcome bonus which is usually a match up on your first, second or even your third deposit in a particular online casino.

B) No deposit bonus. Some online casinos will automatically give you a bonus just for the mere fact of registering with their site. No deposit required.